Nov 30, 2022
Invetory management systems and UI/UX Designs
Sumeet Logistics

Sumeet Logistics Software is used to keep track of property and investor information. Sumeet Logistics Software is a valuable tool for managing complex data related to assets and investors.

Project Overview

  • We enhanced the software with new features.
  • One of the features was the ability to create a project in a specific area. This allowed for the property to be tracked more accurately and investors to have access to more detailed information about the projects they were investing in.
  • The administrator can enter project information such as Name, Country, City Name, Address, and so on. After adding the project details, admin can add the building details.
  • Admin can also add the Galas details for the specific building. The Galas details can include the type of materials used for the floor, walls, and ceiling, along with the cost of construction.
  • This helps the admin to keep track of the cost and materials used for each Gala, as well as monitor the progress of each project.
  • Next, the administrator enters the investor information into the software, such as the Party Name, Contact Number, Email Address, GST Number, Aadhar Card Number, and PAN Card Number, and then clicks the Save button to save the investor information into the software.
  • Admin can also include additional information, such as a list of sold Galas.
  • The Add Tenant Details feature can also be added in the Create Tenant tab. This data is then stored in a secure database and can be accessed whenever needed.
  • Along with the documents list, the tenant’s basic information and agreement details can be added.
  • Following that, admin can download details in pdf and word format via the Import Export feature. This will help the admin to easily keep a track of all the tenants and their associated details, which makes it simpler for them to manage the tenancy agreement.