June 27, 2023
Web Application

The HRMS system is used to track attendance and mispunch details, such as when employees arrive at work, when they leave and any discrepancies in their recorded attendance. The HRMS system can be used to prevent fraud in attendance and ensure that employees are accountable for their timings.

It is also used to track employee leave, including information such as the type of leave taken and the duration of the leave. As such, the HRMS system is a valuable tool for employers, providing an efficient way to manage employee attendance and leave.

It also stores basic employee information in the database, such as name, contact information, bank details, and so on. Furthermore, the HRMS system can be used to generate payrolls and track performance appraisals. It can also help employers evaluate their workforce, making it easier to identify and hire the best talent.


Attendance: Used to record daily attendance. It also tracks Employee Overtime Working based on daily attendance.

Mispunch: If an employee logs in late or forgets to log out for the day, they can request a mispunch, which can be approved or denied by the ADMIN side.

Leaves: Employees can apply for leave based on their needs, such as half-day, full-day, or more than a day, and their response by ADMIN will be counted in Yearly Leaves, Sick Leaves, and so on.

Basic Details: This is used to store and update Employee’s Bank Details, Family Details, Address, Emergency Contact Details, Education Details, General Documents that can be downloadable, and more.

Holidays: This section stores and displays general holidays throughout the year.

Salary Slips: It is used to manually enter data from the ADMIN side to create and send salary slips, which the user can receive online.

Rewards: It is used to encourage employees to create online content, on which the reward points are calculated and distributed.