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Annual Maintenance Contract Services

An annual maintenance contract is an agreement between a company and a provider that specifies the ongoing maintenance requirements for equipment or property that the company purchases from the provider. The contract outlines the services that must be provided on an annual basis, and it includes any additional services or repairs that may be needed in order to maintain the equipment or property.

Under the AMC contract, the IT company has to provide regular maintenance services. TechieBears provides complete maintenance services like server maintenance, website issue resolution and troubleshooting, coding issues, website performance boosting, and website security to protect against hacking.

TechieBears ensures that the customers receive all the necessary maintenance services required as per their annual maintenance contract. We also provide preventive maintenance services such as routine checkups and monitoring of hardware and software components, system upgrades and updates, data backup, hardware replacement or repair when needed, optimization of network speed, and other services related to the customers’ IT infrastructure. TechieBears is committed to giving its customers the best value for their money and meeting all of their needs for regular maintenance services.

AMC Services

Server Maintenance

As part of the AMC service, our team will monitor the server on a regular basis to identify potential issues and resolve them quickly before they affect the performance of your server. Under the AMC service, the products are kept in check and given solutions that fit the brand. Additionally, our team of experts will also provide technical assistance to resolve any minor software problems that may arise from time to time.

Website Issue Resolution and Troubleshooting

Our expertise solution is available for routing, switching, wireless, LAN, VPN security, access points, directors, and VOIP communications, helping large companies, and corporations tackle the most complex IT networking issues. We can help you secure your network investment by increasing the reliability and performance of your security products with our expertise in solution support for network security.

Coding Issues

We can help you debug coding issues and offer tailored solutions to increase the efficiency of your network security. Additionally, our team can assist in planning and designing network architectures that are secure, reliable, and cost effective. We believe in delivering quality support and services to our customers, no matter their size or budget. Our team of experts is well versed in the latest security trends and regulations, so we can provide advice on how to best secure your networks.

Website Performance Boosting

We can help you optimize your website to increase speed and performance, ensuring that your users have the best possible experience when visiting your website. In addition, our team offers comprehensive network security solutions that can help protect your network from data breaches, malware attacks and other cyber threats.

Website Security

We can also offer website performance boosting to reduce response times and improve user experience, as well as website security to protect your data and system against cyber-attacks. In short, our team has the expertise to help you build secure, reliable and cost-effective network architecture, boost website performance and protect your data against malicious threats.

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